Target Advertising Is The Lifeline Of Retail

Off late there have been a lot of controversies with regard to right to privacy etc, there are lot of arguments for and against Aadhar. But the question really arises do we really lead private lives. The answer is overwhelmingly NO. Some by choice and some thanks to technology.

In one of the alumni meet a friend said there is nothing in the meet as we know what’s happening in each other’s life thanks to Facebook. Today thanks to technology the charm of meeting is lost. Here the privacy is lost by choice or maybe compulsion (social) to some extent. Today our privacy is also lost due to our browsing history which helps in knowing a bit of us in terms of our hobbies, aspirations plan etc and the same being shared with the respective stakeholders.

Remember some time back a friend sharing his experience in this regard. He had planned to attend a marriage during the weekend and discussed the same with his wife. As the venue was at a distance they also discussed about the mode of transport. The next day he receives a mail from a cab aggregator regarding outstation cabs to attend the wedding for the weekend. The couple was surprised on receiving the message as they had no browsing history or mail etc. regarding the topic. Yet their need was identified. Later the cab aggregator clarified that it was a random mail sent to everyone as it was a wedding weekend and lots of wedding were planned. But the point is the fear of no longer leading private lives.

Have experienced quite a few such instances myself. Once was browsing about the location reviews etc. of a restaurant which was highly recommended by a friend. Since the place was far off never went to that place and later forgot about it. One fine day wanted to order online for a home delivery and on opening the food delivery app the first restaurant which was shown was the restaurant which I had searched some time back. Now the app knew I wished to go to that restaurant and helped me order from there, based on the browsing history. Did I order from that restaurant? A Big YES.

A colleague wanted to compare shirts available in the store against those available online. Hence he checked for a few shirts online just to understand the pricing, materials, colors etc. Post that he states every time he logged he would see advertisements of shirts everywhere. He states the ads were so much on your face that he had a fear of being stalked. The browser history indicated that he was looking to buy a shirt and the advertisements were helping him in making the decisions.

If the technology is used in its true sense then it can aid retail, help the customers in their decision making. It can definitely help retail to target the right customers, can decrease the advertisement cost and improve sales. But the line between aiding and invading is diminishing. That’s a challenge

Any such experience on the same?

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Ice Cream Innovation Not To Be Taken Coldly

Went to an ice cream outlet recently and the found that the store sells ice cream in a form of a roll, different flavors of ice cream is spread thin on a base and then rolled over just like a sheet of paper and presented with different fruits, nuts, sauces etc. the whole presentation in the form of a roll was beautiful so was the taste.

In a world where innovation is the norm we have been saturated with the news on innovation in terms of Science & technology, medicine etc. While most of these innovation might not fascinate a common man, he/she will never be satiated by the innovation in food. The innovation in food has fascinated most of us. One industry which has innovated greatly is the ice cream industry especially by the domestic players.

There is another outlet which customizes the ice cream as per our request in terms of flavors, nuts, syrups etc., mixes all them on a cold marble store which gives it a new flavor. Yet another store has a fried ice cream. An ice cream and fried??Yes an ice cream gets a crispy outer coat of a batter and super cool inner core??Yet another store has a liquid nitrogen ice cream. Also there are a lot of option in terms of presentation, a pizza ice cream, a paan ice cream, a cake ice cream etc. A simple ice cream with so many options.

Innovation in terms of flavors have always added to the excitement in the industry. There are several unique flavors launched by different players, caramel biscotti, , pink currant, pistoria, paan, sandalwood, Japanese green tea ,Kolkata meetha, Gauva chilli , Masala Chai (provided inflight by an international airline) and then there is Charcoal Ice cream. Few brands also have fruits ice cream and there is innovation in terms of fruits chosen e.g. tender coconut, jack fruit etc.

Ice cream need not be a season specific product, it can be a festive specific also. A brand of ice cream has a festive-oriented ice creams Makar Sankranti Special, containing sesame seeds and peanuts, and a Ramzan special with dates & nuts

An industry which is plagued by accusation of leading to obesity especially in children, another innovation done is the diet-friendly ice creams such as low-fat and sugar-free ice cream. The interest in clean labelling is growing as well. Most of the new products launched have one or more claims relating to naturalness and freedom from additives and preservative. Besides ice-cream, frozen yoghurt is stepping up as a category within the frozen desserts segment.

An innovation is in progress for slowing of the melting process or for that matter no melting . Won’t it help the industry if the ice cream stops melting? Can buy ice cream anywhere any time!!Even packaging is another area where innovation is being undertaken. How about a pack which is fully edible?? Can be reality soon.

In a world obsessed with Selfies can the ice cream industry be left behind?? There is 3D food printing available for such consumers

There is a lot to learn for others from the ice cream industry in terms of innovation. Have you witnessed any such innovation in the retail industry?? Do share with us.