The Indian Entrepreneur Rising

In the past few months have witnessed a lot of corporate employees quit their 9-5 jobs (if such a time actually exists) to start their own ventures. Few years ago one would rarely hear about employees turning entrepreneurs but these days it’s the buzz word.

Few of these who quit were in the top management who ran the rat race and suddenly gave up all that to enter into areas which are entirely different from what they did professionally. Some of them got into business areas which required high investment, some have to do a lot of travelling, few worked out of their home and some needed highly skilled people to run the ventures.

One of the lot started a gymnasium. A general manager who worked with an MNC handling business worth millions transforms himself from suits and ties to sweat shirts and track pants. While fitness had always been his area of interest his sales experience added value to his new assignment. He took the risk of investing in millions to start one While some of it might be his aving, most of the investment should be funded.Similarly a couple who were into marketing got into baking full time, while the lady herself bakes her husband markets the brand.

Apart from food, service is another sector which is gaining a lot of limelight. One of these corporate employees started services firm. He is the one point contact for doing one’s carpentry work, plumbing, painting, hiring drivers, shifting house and lots more. He states earning orders is not a major concern as there are plenty. The major issue he faces is shortage of relevant skilled people to complete the order. Hence he is not able to scale up..

Another friend decided to be a full time consultant after quitting the corporate world. She is Infact providing her skills to small entrepreneurs to market themselves and scale up.

Another important change witnessed is that many men quit their full time to join their spouse’s venture. One employee quit his high paying finance job to join his wife’s chocolate business yet another joined his wife’s play school and another joined her design firm and the list can go on.

Each of these individual have had their own reason to turn entrepreneur from being one’s own boss to doing something they are really passionate about. The reason varies but the circumstances remain the same. There is a new found confidence in the people. They are willing to take up the challenge. This is driving the need for a supportive eco system. The growth of an economy will be highly dependent on the entrepreneurial activity. Hence this spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged.

During a visit to friend’s home gave the feeling that the entrepreneur has risen. The couple who were corporate employees and who themselves are children of government employees want their child (who is a gifted painter) to have the entrepreneurial skills. They are going all out to build in the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging her to do a lot of paintings, exhibit it ,sell it, book orders etc just to learn the art of selling

While there is new found confidence ,a supportive environment is a necessity with reduced red tapism and favoritism, better tax and legal structures, The initiatives of the government have provided the much needed support in building this new found confidence among the corporate employees. ‘Start up India’ provides the much needed funding for the entrepreneurs. Another being ‘Skill India’ whose main objective is to create multi-disciplinary opportunities for the Indian youth.

While the entrepreneur has risen it needs to seen as to how the environment continues to encourage and sustain such a spirit.

Let’s hope and pray that for their tribe to increase.