Has Retail Forgotten The Basics??

I remember during one of the shopping spree we spent a few hours shopping for saris, dresses etc. in traditional textile store. During this period overheard a middle aged man telling his wife that going forward she needs to shop only in outlets which have a good seating arrangement as he cannot stand for hours till she finishes shopping. While this might not be a top of the mind factor for the lady while shopping as she considers the range, pricing, discounts etc before deciding the shopping destination the seating arrangement is a priority for the man. I remember the olden days when outlets would either have a seating arrangement spread out on the floor or have stool for the convenience of the shoppers and the companion.

It is not uncommon to see many people in mall crowded near the seating arrangement wherever available in the mall. As most of the outlets in mall do not offer any seating arrangement to the companion or the one who accompanies the person who has to do the shopping. This leads to discontentment to the shopper as well as the companion. While an hour of standing is difficult for any individual, not shopping together defeats the very purpose of shopping. This is mostly the case with aged parents and children.

The inconvenience caused to parents or children distracts the shopping experience of the shopper. Also it is observed the amount of money spent in the outlet is directly proportional to the amount of fully concentrated time spent in the outlet. A cranky kid will definitely distract the mother thereby reducing the time spent. Thus the retailer will get only lesser share of her wallet. This has lead to some retailers having separate kids area where the children can play under supervision while the adults can read books, magazines etc.

Apart from this the other factor missing is the attitude to help in a retail outlet. A friend actually acted as if lost in the retail outlet. He stood in the main aisle for nearly 10 minutes. Though many of the store assistant passed through him no one even bothered to ask if he requires any help. The case would have been entirely different if he were in a normal mom & pop store. He would have the owner himself rushing to help the confused customer.

Thus the friend says retail service is like going on a date where one dresses, behaves etc at his or her best to impress the other to spend a life together.

The retail outlet needs to behave the same way to ensure lifetime royalty of the customer

Any listeners or takers????

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2 thoughts on “Has Retail Forgotten The Basics??

  1. Manju says:

    Instore experience is as important as your external advertisements responsible for footfall. Same products can be available in multiple stores. What differentiates a store to attract & retain customer is the experience that one gets.

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