The Homecoming of Home Cooked Food

Moving to a new city to work or study is always difficult. We miss home and more importantly mom’s home-cooked food. Youngsters away from home always wish for food which tastes like home or Maa ke haath ka khana. Still remember the ad by Fortune oil in which a mother cooks food for her son and takes it along with her to meet her on board a ship. That’s a mother’s love and that’s a child’s love for Maa ke haath ka khana.


The increasing number of youngsters moving away from home for studies or employment as well as the awareness of processed food has lead to a new business opportunity for many. Off late there are a lot of websites which have been providing a platform for the home chef. Here a lady/gentleman prepares s a dish for her/his home and provides a few additional servings which are offered on a website. People looking forward for home cooked food can order any of these which will be home delivered to them. The difference between ordering on such website and restaurants being that this food is made in limited quantity for the purpose of consumption of family members unlike restaurants. These websites offer a huge variety of foods ranging from breakfast to lunch to beverages to desserts, from south Indian to Gujarati to Italian to Mughalai. The variety offered by home chefs is mouth watering. This provides an additional source of income to home chef without the hassles of the outside world and home food for the customers and a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Another interesting business opportunity which is identified is that of an ingredient box which provides the ingredients for an interesting recipe. While most of us wish to try out new food, having them in restaurants often is expensive. Unfortunately each of these recipes require a list of ingredients (exotic vegetables, sauces, dressing, herbs, spices) which are not used often and thus ends up in refrigerator unless the next time the dish is prepared. This leads to wastage of ingredients purchased. So an intelligent entrepreneur came up with an idea to provide a box which had all the ingredients required to prepare the dish in the exact proportion. The individual just needs to open the box and cook the recipe. Thus the individual does not lose the joy of cooking but without having to buy the entire bottle of sauce or the bunch of leaves.


Now these are two new opportunity identified by the entrepreneurs just to ensure that we enjoy home cooked food but where is modern retail in this? Has it failed to strike the right chord with the customers? Is it still focused on selling only its processed food??With change being the name of the game and startup gaining popularity as well as money a modern retailer cannot lose focus.


There are a few initiatives which I have observed though in a very few retail outlets. One retail outlet actually cuts and chop all types of vegetables and fruits and grates coconut. Yet another sells different types dough right from wheat to multigrain from chapathi to paratha. Another upmarket retailer actually sells waffle dough. All this does not take away the joy of cooking but adds to the convenience factor.


With the economy still in a confused state, people not willing to spend on frequent restaurant visit and the lack of time for a fully home cooked food, a little effort from the retailer will lead to continuous loyalty of the customers.


Any interesting observation on the trends in home cooked food, any initiatives taken by the retailers to ensure customers have more home cooked food?

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