Gifting- The Long Lost Art

Gifting has been a part of our culture since long. We love gifting. Each time we gift there is significance behind it. A gift maybe as sort of blessing to a newly married couple or to anew born baby, it maybe something of a remembrance for a parting  friend or a colleague or  as a part of a duty to one’s family or as s symbol of love to a loved one or just a part of a societal acceptance for many. Each gift should indicate the occasion, the person and suit the needs of the gift receiver.

But unfortunately in today’s world of time constraint gift has lost all its purpose and is merely a four letter world with absolutely no thought behind it. Recently read an article which caught my attention. It was about a person who was designated as the one who chooses gifts which will be given by the most powerful man in the world to other foreign dignitaries ranging from royalty to political leaders to wealthy business tycoons to spiritual leaders. Did I overhear such an easy job????Just choose gifts to others!!!! Wait a minute. These are men and women who are among the most powerful and the wealthiest on this planet. There is nothing which they wish they had and but do not have.  Hence most of the gifts are mere objects for them. But the most powerful man in the world does not wish his gifts to be mere objects to the receiver but something with a emotional touch and of significance to the receiver. There lies the challenge of the job.

Now moving away from the lives of the rich and the powerful to a more common life the problem remains the same. Gifts are mere objects to the receiver. I remember a colleague saying people should stop gifting huge teddy bears on birthday’s to kids. 3 to 4 such gifts and a room is full. Where is the space for such gifts in today’s cramped spaces he complained? This is definitely a genuine problem.

Yet another parent complained every visitor to her house (she does have lots of them) hands over a box of chocolates to her son. She says as the gift is handed over to her son she can do nothing about it. She can neither stop her son from eating chocolates nor offend her visitors by stopping them from gifting.  This is a catch 22 situation.

Chocolate is one category which was positioned by the brands for gifting purpose. The positioning got stronger over a period of time and today in India the festive gifting is slowly shifting from traditional sweets to chocolates. Infact the period   from September to December is the most crucial period for chocolate manufacturers as most of the sales of the entire year is done during this period.

Apart from chocolates yet another category which is built on the positioning of gifting is watches. This is solely due to the effort of one company. Today gifting contributes to a significant portion of their overall sales.

Both these categories could be positioned due to their modern retail presence. Hence retail has a played a significant role in this transformation.

Can retail take up a challenge of changing the gifting habits of the customers e.g from chocolates to a more healthier option of dry fruits etc.

Only time can tell

Any other industry which has positioned itself on the gifting platform?

Please share with me




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