What’s in a name…………… plate?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet said Shakespeare. Yet name is very crucial for an individual as well as business entity. The name helps the customers in identifying the business and in connecting with the business. Certain products have failed only due to the misfit between the brand and the product sold. Can you imagine a brand which sells a shoe polish entering toothpaste category? The customer will definitely not buy this product irrespective of the product quality, pricing or promotion for the simple reason that the brand name does not connect with the customers for the product sold. Lot of MNCs have faced such issue when they enter different countries as their brand name have different meaning in the native language and does not connect with the actual product sold.  The companies had to have a distinct name in specific countries.

With a name being so critical have you have observed the names of the Mom and Pop stores. In most of the cases it is difficult to identify the actual name of the store. Remember a restaurant which was known by the name of a brand of ice cream it sold and none knew the actual name of the restaurant over a period of years. What leads to such a situation where the original name in which a store or restaurant is registered is erased from the customer’s memory.

Just to observe this went to an area which is full of the traditional mom and pop stores. Among the hundreds of stores the names of only a handful of them was clearly visible. So does that mean the stores did not have a name board? Or was it too small for it to be visible? Or was it some other reason?

The actual reason being most of the name boards for shop were hired by brands and hence their brands got prominence in the name board and the actual name of the shop was lost somewhere in the corner. The brand themselves design the boards according to the size of the shops with all the lightings, logos and other brand specifications. This is done by brands across industries though dominated by the FMCG companies even the news paper brands, consumer durables brands are not left behind.

So how does it benefit? For the shop owner its saves on the name board cost and he also earns a fixed cost from the brand for advertising. For the brand it’s a very low amount of investment for advertising and connects with the right customers as the product being sold in the same shop. For the customer its easy information about the availability of the product in the specific shop.

But the downside being that the customers will not be able to connect with the other products and brands  sold in the same shop unless that shop has built a great customer base over a period of years.

Whatever maybe the pluses and minus the brand identifying the name board of a shop as a advertising platform is worth appreciating

Any interesting takes on the name boards being used by the brands?

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