Happy Mother’s Day from a Retailer

Most of the ladies go through a phase in life when they have a feeling that they have everything in life, yet it is a period when they are the most helpless as an individual. Any guess what is that phase? Yes its motherhood.  Just holding your baby in your arms is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There is nothing more a mother could wish for. Yet this is a time when she feels helpless as her body is weak. She needs to eat healthy food, needs to have high energy to continue to have sleepless nights , ensure to every need of her baby is catered to. This is a time when she looks for support from everyone-immediate family to colleagues to friends to neighbours to her domestic help to the milkman to the local kiranawalla. She needs everyone during this time.

Yet apart from a select few she gets support from very limited quarters. Can a retailer play that role of a Man Friday for her? During this time when the consumption of food in terms of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and purchase of baby products are high can retailer help her in this situation? Not just after delivery but even several weeks before the delivery as the lady will not be able to do her regular grocery shopping. Not every lady will have a strong support system in an age of nucleus family and both partners working. Hence there is a void.

While a retailer may have to go that extra mile to cater to her needs let her not be considered as yet another target segment. This is phase in her life in which she is emotionally involved. Hence a retailer will have to build an emotional connect with her. Her needs are many during the phase from pregnancy to delivery to infancy of her baby.

At each of this stage she cannot venture out shopping even for her basic needs. Her needs could range from a onetime purchase such as maternity clothes to baby cradle to purchases such as baby food to baby clothes to daily needs like fruits and vegetables apart from the regular monthly shopping basket of any normal household such as rice, oil, sugar, atta, pulses, detergents soaps etc.

A retailer needs to guide her at each stage with regard to her purchases and replenishment and payment. A retailer can take her orders over phone; deliver it and then collect the payment .A retailer can ensure delivery of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk at her doorstep every morning. Her weekly supplies of top up purchases such as spices, juices, baby food, diapers and her monthly supplies of rice, atta, oil, sugar.

This initiative by any retailer will come a long way in building a strong bond with the customer. This can ensure her loyalty for a lifetime.

While this Mother’s day we see a lot of offers, gifts for a mother would any retailer make a statement stating he will stand by a mother to be or a new mother and  cater to her needs. That he will stand by her and reduce all her mundane work and ensure she enjoys every moment of her motherhood. That he will stand by her in her most beautiful journey. Only then, will it be truly ‘A Happy Mother’s Day’

Do you agree?

Please share your views.


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