The power of door delivery

Travelling to distant retails outlets and carrying lot of shopping bags in horizontally challenged buildings is today’s necessary evil. What if I could get everything at my door step? What if I do not have heavy shopping bags back home? Though the  online industry has been able to identify the basic dislikes of the customer and turn to its strength a lot of people still have their apprehensions on the online retail stores as the touch and feel factor is missing, the fear of credit card purchase etc

What if I go to a store do my purchases pay by cash and get all the products deliver by the store. That would be a great deal. Though I will have to travel all the way to the retail outlet I do not have to carry home the heavy shopping bags especially rice bags or atta. This is where home delivery plays a very critical role. There are retail outlets which do home delivery if a customer buys a 10 kg rice/atta or shops for more than Rs 1000.

This is definitely a blessing. Carrying a rice bag or atta to your house month on month is such a task. Home delivery is one area where the local kiranawallah scores over the modern retailers. He gives prompt door delivery, whereas a modern retailer has never capitalized on the same. This is just a service which a retailer provides. He does not look at door delivery as a means of driving more business. He feels if a customer buys a 25 kg rice bag home delivery will be done. Unfortunately a retailer does not tell a customer that I will do a home delivery hence please buy the 25 kg rice bag from us (with the price and quality either better or on par with the local kiranawallah).There is a huge difference between the two statements.

We Indians are generally shy of either asking for a favour or complaining. Hence the next best thing we do is not to buy from the outlet. I remember once a grocery store was opened on the third floor of a mall. The sales especially of the rice bag were very low. In retail the assumption is if the customer buys rice then he/she buys the entire monthly shopping basket from the same retailer. Hence the CEO of the company asked the store manager to push for more home deliveries instead of the customers having to carry the bags till the car park. The store manager replied whenever a customer requests for the service we do it. For which the CEO replied that’s Indians by nature are shy to ask for favour. Even on a flight despite of it being very cold we do not ask the air hostess to give a blanket wondering what the lady might think if we ask one. Thus the store needs to ensure that home delivery offer should be made to every by the store instead of the customer asking for one.

Door delivery is an arsenal which is not yet utilized to it full potential, if used the store can improve it sales drastically.

Any such experiences?

Please share with me


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