Each day is a celebration for a retailer

While our parents knew of only the Independence Day and Republic Day, our generation grew up to valentine’s day, friendship day, mother’s day and women’s day. For this generation each day in the calendar is a day to be celebrated. Each day is special.

Last read that march 30 is world Idli day!! Have you ever heard about this day? A huge 100 kg idli was cut (and eaten too) by the organizers. This is started by an idli loving entrepreneur. He prepares various types of idlis, from carrot idli to beetroot idli to chocolate idli to vanilla idli. Thereby one can enjoy variety as well as idlis for every morning breakfast. The humble idli has truly come a long way.

Apart from this there are various other days celebrated infact every day is celebrated. This is such a blessing for the retailer. In retail every day is to be celebrated. It could be the Saturday, Sunday (weekend), mid week days (Wednesday, Tuesday bazaars), festivals. Infact we even celebrate retail day.

So what’s the connection? Retailers celebrate these days by getting the right assortment, having the best offers and celebrating the occasion. Infact retailers are to be blamed for making Valentines day so popular. They sell from cards to teddy bears to roses to chocolates. Infact in February the retailers witness their best ever chocolate sales.

In the month of April we have world health day. Retailers even take this opportunity to celebrate. Food forms a very important part of health. This is a collective responsibility of the farmers, the food processors, retailers; governments to ensure safe and healthy food reach the plates of the consumer.

Hence lots of retailer’s along with brands are celebrating healthy food. E.g. healthy oils are celebrated. Customers can interact with the nutritionist present in the stores. Sampling activities are done, best promotions on healthy products. This is done to improve the overall lifestyle of the customers. To help customers adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On world milk day activities are conducted to describe the importance of milk as a part of a balanced diet. Thus there are various such days celebrated and promoted by the retailers.

Let the days celebrated be not just another way for more commercialization in the already commercialized world. While the days celebrated offer retailers an economic opportunity to improve sales, the retailers should participate in the CSR activities around the days celebrated. E.g. on World milk day the retailer can participate in ensuring milk reaches to the undernourished below poverty line children.

Any such days which you have found retailers celebrate or you wish retailers celebrate? Any day which was entirely developed by retailers?


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