Point of Sale

Ever wondered while standing in queue while checking out at a retail store ’this is the slowest moving queue. Should choose a more efficient queue next time’ Worry not as most of us go through the same feeling every time we shop.

Just back from a shopping spree. Bought loads of grocery. Loaded the trolley and stood in a queue to bill the product. Felt had won a battle as found every single item on my shopping list. Got the best price. Found a queue which had only 2 customers before me.

What more would a shopper expect? But my dream was short lived. Waited and waited for my turn to come. Finally it was more than 40 minutes when I finally placed by shopping basket on the cash counter.

Did I overhear a sigh and 20 minutes for billing one customer? Was the cashier less efficient? Was the technology not supporting? Did the customers have too many items to bills? Customer’s card not working or had too many card (credit card, loyalty card, Gift voucher etc) or was doing multiple bills just to get some additional benefit? Scanning issue? Pricing issue? The reason could be many.

While the stores have products sold at the cash counter. Even TVs placed at the cash counter to reduce the emotional drain during the waiting time. Does it really Work?

While every store should invest in technology to increase the pace of billing, in manpower so that they ensure a smooth check out, increase the number of cash tills open when the number of customers per queue increases (They can try merchandisers as part time cashiers) ensure smooth offer upload, correct price maintained. As every penny spent on correcting the hygiene issue by the retailer is worth. For the customer waiting to give her/his money to the shopkeeper goes home happy.

The crux being once it’s my time to bill everyone forgets the time spent waiting to reach the Point of sale. The only focus is am I getting all the benefits? Am I getting the best deal? Is all done as per my convenience? Unfortunately we do not spare a moment and think ‘Is the benefit of mine larger than the cost of others waiting in the queue to get their products billed?’

What is your opinion for slow check out? How should it be improved? Any funny instance while standing in a queue?

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