Retail & niche categories

For some time I was really fascinated by making chocolates at home. Attended a chocolate making class learnt the basic stuff, but the challenge was to continue making it. The ingredients sold by the lady(the teacher) was expensive and not of high quality. Thus my challenge of identifying a store began. My regular retailer as well as the kirana shop (yes I shop at both these places frequently) did not have them. So I visited new outlets, checked on the internet, called up just dial to find place where I could buy chocolates. Finally I found one super market which sold the chocolate compound (dark, milk & white). Was very excited. When as usual I explored the store found that the store sold almost all the things required in chocolate making (compounds, spatula, butter paper, Chocó chip, butterscotch chip, chocolate wrapping paper, chocolate moulds).i was impressed with the range. It was a one stop shop for my chocolate making activity. Imagine the pain if I had to run from store to store For butter paper & wrapping sheets maybe a stationer, dark compound & chips maybe a food retailer,chocolate mould maybe a shop selling general merchandise on a regular basis. At some point I would have given up on chocolate making than running to so many shops. But here was a smart retailer who thought about a recipe from end to end and ensured all the products were available thus making my shopping convenient and ensured my loyalty. On that day my bill at the store was higher than Rs 1000 (the Average Bill value of a hyper market is around Rs 1000 and of Food retailer is around Rs 600). Hence my bill value only on chocolate related purchases was very high. Due to the assortment which met my requirement I frequented that particular store. I began exploring a lot of other products which were generally not available either with big retailers or the local kiranawallah. (e.g flax seeds, taco shells, baking ingredients, baking trays, ). With every visit my bill value would increase. This would directly affect my visits both to the retailer as well as the local kirana store So here was a retailer who catered to niche category of customers by ensuring that the customer’s entire basket was catered. The niche category could be international recipes related (Mexican, Japanese, Italian), or health related (products used by diabetic patients) or type of cooking related (e.g baking) ,beauty related or hobby related ( gardening) or maybe pet related , a retailer needs to cater to the entire assortment to that particular target segment to ensure his/her loyalty to the store. Merely having some products in each category will not lead to repeat visits but only top up purchases (customers who regular buy at the store also bought few of the things available). Hence the fear of losing by the large retailer to such niche retailer would exist. Do you know of any such niche retailer and the specific products sold? Or any such category and products which a retailer needs to keep as a part of the store assortment Please share with me


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