Malls as a weekend spot

Just the other day I asked a friend who has a 2 year old baby ‘what’s the plan for the weekend’ .She frowned and said ‘go to the same old mall’. I exclaimed ‘wow! Shopping?’ she looked at me which clearly stated ‘have you gone crazy’

Was I a rare species or was she (you decide)

Our shopping whether for grocery, or household items or apparels have come a long way. From the days of buying at the neighborhood store to the malls customers are made to feel like a king. Malls ensured that the customer spends the money without feeling the pinch of it. They even plan for anchor stores to drive in crowd to the mall (from a fast food joint to a departmental store) A mall has everything which satisfies the basic needs of its customers. From grocery stores to high end apparel store, to food courts to multiplexes to footwear to gift stores to book stores to electronics & mobile store.

A customer turns into royalty the moment he enter the mall. All the inconvenience which may deter his shopping is taken care of. From clean washrooms to kids play area, from valet parking to food court, Wi-Fi and other customer engagement activities. All that the customer needs to is shop.

But the interesting part is does she/he does what was expected of him? What if he/she uses all the services and avoids the main purpose the mall was built to- shopping? That’s exactly what my friend does. In a city which does not have open spaces, where people live in horizontally challenged spaces, where there is lack of entertainment for the kids, where the temperatures are soaring- these malls come as great solace. Large open spaces often with plants and fountains, great music, clean space, even clean washrooms and if luck favors even some free entertainment for the kids such as a Santa Claus, painting competition, what else does a parent require? So shopping goes out for a toss and in comes the free entertainment and other ancillary services provided by the mall.

So is my friend an exception? A loud NO (did you hear that) Not just parents of toddlers even college students, newly married couples or maybe even a lonely soul. The college students just to hang out( or maybe to bunk lectures), newly married couple to spend some quality time with each other and a lonely soul just to observe people( that can be actually interesting) Each one has a purpose to visit the mall

What’s yours?

Any funny instances witnessed in a mall? Any basic requirement which needs to be added in a mall? Any suggestion to avoid non shoppers


Please share with me


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