Unique selling proposition

During a visit to the neighborhood area chanced upon an outlet with a board “homemad e holige’ in kannada (holige is also called a obattu or puran poli) A sweet dish made of refined flour (maida), ghee, sugar/jaggery and other ingredients (based on the variety -generally dal & coconut).There was a good crowd in front of the store.

Sneaked into the crowd to get a firsthand look at the outlet. It was a lip smacking scene. It was a mouth watering menu. It had varieties of holige, while generally a customer is aware of the coconut and the dal holige this outlet appears to have done some research on it. It had khova, dates, badam, dry fruits, and even a carrot holige . Each decently priced. There were around 5 staff each wearing a uniform, clean apron and a cap, one guy for billing, one guy to do the packing and serving and the other 3 of them to prepare the holiges (one to make the ball of maida and other ingredient based on the customer order, the next one to make the holige using the rolling pin and the third   one to fry the holige on the tava.)

Customers ordered different varieties of holige and many of them took parcels. While most customers ordered the exotic variety for immediate consumption they took the regular variety of dal and coconut as parcel (does this indicate any sort of customer behavior) infact overhead a lady telling her husband as to why did he order both of the same variety when they could have tasted two different varieties.

Even I ordered for a few. And within five minutes got my orders packed. In 5 minutes the sales value must have been atleast Rs 1000/- (it was around 1.30 in the afternoon the least expected time to eat just a sweet) after my products were packed, paid my bill and walked away. Lots of people were still entering the store to eat the hot holige)

On my way back the thoughts of the oulet were still lingering in my mind. What the key factor for the success of the outlet. Was it the location? Not entirely, as previously there was a condiments shop in the very same place. Unfortunately that outlet did not have a great business. The locality was ideal for a traditional product as it was a familiar dish for people in the area.

Was it the product? Yes. To some extent. As it was unique product. A product which everyone is aware of and wishes to eat but finds the whole process of preparing it very tedious

Was it the service? Again to some extent yes. The staff was courteous and no major reason for one not to visit.

Was it the pricing? Could be yes .As the starting price was only Rs 12.-

There was absolutely no promotion for the outlet. It just opened one fine day.

So what made the trick? Guess it was how the whole concept was presented to the customer. Though the holige was available in most of the traditional stores, here was an outlet which was giving him/her a holige straight out of the tawa-piping hot with a spoonful of ghee drizzled on top prepared right infront of him.. That stole the show,

Hence it is very important for a retailer to identify his USP. It can be his assortment, the service provided, the pricing or the location.

For success though he/she needs to have the entire hygiene factor in place, it is important to have a USP,

He can be the best in terms of assortment (maybe even procure specially ordered products by the customer),service (home delivery in 2 hours, order taken over phone, cuts, dices, grates vegetables fruits & coconut)offers (value for money maybe not the best price on all the products 365 days)

Hence it’s important to identify our target customer and put our best foot forward to please our target customer.

Do you have any interesting story to share on a USP for a store? Any suggestion to build a USP?

Please share with me.




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